GripSwell™ Ergonomic Shooting Gloves

target shooting recoild reducing palm swell gloves
  • GripSwell has engineered its gloves with ergonomic principles employed in each specific application.

  • The Palm Swell design utilizes a progressive elastic PFM memory foam which reduces shock and vibration while filling the anatomical void created when grasping a linear object.

  • The Palm Swell acts to shield the three major nerves that run through the center of the palm, which aids to decrease fatigue caused by excessive pressure.
Frequent target shooting and skeet shooting put an enormous amount of repetitive pressure on the nerves joints associated with a long session of target shooting. GripSwell Gloves' patented Memory Foam Palm Swell progressively absorbs and dissapates the forces transmitted to the body.

One of our satisfied customers shooting off a couple rounds of a Ruger Redhawk 44 Magnum:

"That Rugers a real handfull! It was brutal before I got those gloves. I tried some $30 pairs but that thing just destroyed them after a cylinder or 2. Those GS-33 gloves are the shiznit. If you liked that one, watch me shooting the 454 Casull, that was a thumper too! -Nitnyline"

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