About Us

Firearms manufacturers and stock makers have discovered that a Palm Swell on the wrist of a long gun fills the anatomical void and helps absorb recoil...which reduces fatigue. This in turn might add an extra target or two, to the end of a round of sporting clays, skeet, trap, etc.

Higher price dedicated shotguns are featuring palm swells regularly...but many fine guns are old enough that they lack this benefit.

Some have resorted to add-on patches taped or glued to the stock. This obviously has limitations...not to mention compromised aesthetics.

GripSwell™ Shooting Gloves was founded because of the need for this Palm Swell feature. Our gloves were developed by our engineers using ergonomics in design, and were tested with many hours of refining and shooting, culminating with the development of the model Palm Swell GS-1!

Several specialty shooting models from GripSwell™ will be introduced throughout the year! Check back with us often to see the new gloves as they are introduced!