Ergonomic Sizing Chart

To determine your glove size:

Use your dominant hand to make the measurement.

Measure the circumference around your hand at the line indicated in the diagram.

Use the following chart to determine your proper glove size.

When in doubt, choose a larger size. The most common issue with sizing is the length of a person's fingers are often longer than the size indicated in the chart. So, if you are in between two sizes, or your hand is proportionally longer, choose a larger size.

Women's Size Women's Measurement Men's Size Men's Measurement
Small (S)
6.5 inches
Small (S)
7.5 - 8 inches
Medium (M)
7 inches
Medium (M)
8.5 - 9 inches
Large (L)
7.5 inches
Large (L)

9.5 - 10 inches

Extra Large (XL)

10.5 - 11 inches
Double Extra Large (XXL)
11+ inches