Frequently Asked Questions

What are the shipping terms?
Shipping is $9 per every 2 pairs to any state in the US, $19 per every 2 pairs shipped to Canada, and $21 per every 2 pairs shipped internationally.

Why wear shooting gloves?
Gloves help provide a firmer grip on the stock and absorb perspiration. Leather gloves, in particular, have a unique property in that perspiration absorption further enhances grip beyond what is provided by bare hands or non-leather gloves.

Why shoot in GripSwell shooting gloves?
GS gloves are specifically engineered to absorb a significant amount of recoil normally transferred to the hand in the key recoil hot spot, the palm of the hand. Less recoil transfer means less fatigue and thus a potential for higher scores over the entire day of shooting or hunting. The integrated palm swell also provides the firmer mount and greater control normally provided by a palm swell stock, but unlike a standard palm swell stock, our memory-foam palm swell contours to your unique grip.

Are GripSwell gloves golf gloves?
The precision required to accurately control a golf club is akin to the precision required for shooting. It is for this reason that our gloves are based on a golf glove foundation yet are designed with key features to improve performance and wear in shooting and hunting conditions.  

What is special about GripSwell gloves?

  • Integrated patented memory-foam Palm Swell®.
  • Genuine Leather absorbs perspiration and increases comfort
  • Ventilated un-dyed leather allows for cooler hands with no stain
  • Reinforced wear points add extra durability
  • Field researched and developed by shooters for shooters

Why use leather instead of synthetic material to make GS gloves?
Leather has a feel and a response like no other material on the planet. Fine leather, like our goatskin, provides the delicate balance between comfort and recoil absorption while allowing the shooter to feel the feedback and gun interaction necessary to make the subtle adjustments required for accurate shooting. Synthetic materials tend to retain body heat and perspiration against the skin, which is ultimately uncomfortable. Synthetics also tend to lack tactile transmission necessary for precision shooting.

What is the SxS (side-by-side) glove?
We developed a companion to our palm swell glove that is geared toward those that frequently shoot side-by-side shotguns. The barrel orientation on side-by-side shotguns often causes the shooter’s fingers to come in contact with hot barrels. A thin layer of high-tech material sandwiched between the glove and another layer of reversed leather (suede being more textured, allows for greater surface ventilation) provides protection that is hard to believe. Shooters cannot put enough rounds down a pair of barrels to get heat through the high-tech barrier.

What size should I buy? I have short/long fingers.
Our website has a size chart based on "average" features of the hand. Once a measurement is established, you have to decide if you like a tighter or looser fit. When in doubt... go to the next larger size. Shooters with longer fingers should consider stepping up one size as well.

What about the wear and tear on gloves?
GS gloves are made of premium goat skin and like all natural leathers, wear becomes evident when used. We use preferred premium soft grade leather that has more feel and greater dexterity to allow a higher level of communication with the trigger specifically and the gun in general. Outstanding tactile response is the primary goal. Wear can be minimized with a slightly loser fit, and keeping fingernails trimmed.

Why a "white" color glove?
Our target white color is actually the natural color of the premium goat leather we use. We determined, from personal experience, that shooters have shied away from gloves because they find the average glove too hot, and uncomfortable for prolonged wearing. Furthermore, dyed leather gloves will stain hands due to "dye migration" from leather. These two drawbacks are eliminated with our GS target white natural leather glove. Unlike darker colors, our natural white gloves show no "heat gain" and in fact, are actually cooler because of its reflective qualities and greater porousness of the leather.  Lastly, no staining of hands occurs because of the absence of dyes.

Can you clean GripSwell gloves?
Our white gloves can be washed to very good results with simple hand soap, and water. Put the gloves on, hold hands under lukewarm water and lather up with just about any bar soap. After developing a good lather, rinse with lots of lukewarm water. Press the palm swell several times to clear the soap...then simply dry your hands with a towel. Once you have dried the gloves as much as possible, simply use the "loop and hook" tabs to secure the two gloves together, and drape them over a door knob, chair back etc. out of direct sunlight and away from a heat source. Gloves will dry in a matter of hours in most homes. There will be little or no noticeable shrinkage and the gloves will be a lot cleaner!

Does the darker color bleed?
Our colored leather gloves were introduced for the more traditional look and especially for hunting. Our leather color dyeing process has been studied extensively and we've come up with a method to lessen the "dye migration" or "bleeding,” meaning much less stain on the hands. Using soap and water when washing hands after use, will remove most, if not all glove dye, with the first scrubbing.

What about GS gloves for rifle and pistol?
Our gloves absorb recoil, regardless of long gun, or handgun. Control is enhanced with the incredible grip available with these gloves. We are introducing a pistol-specific glove with re-distributed memory foam, and extra leather to pick up harsh and pinpointed recoil from large caliber "hand cannons."