Becoming a GripSwell Partner

Retailers of shooting and hunting products are invited to become GripSwell™ Ergonomic Shooting Glove dealers. If you are a licensed and documented retailer, please send us a request for information packets containing our full disclosure agreement and pricing policies. Our website utilizes a link page to direct the consumer to our dealers, and we encourage this reciprocal linking. We have and will continue to support sales and marketing with well-placed print advertising in the most popular and important shooting and hunting publications for the benefit of all

Our gloves have established that there are now very good reasons to shoot and hunt in gloves that do more than just cover the hands. Our patent pending designs for absorbing recoil (built in palm swell) and deflecting barrel heat, with our fully insulated SxS glove, have been thoroughly challenged on clay target courses worldwide and in the field throughout North and South America well as Africa for birds and big game.

Research has proven the performance of proper pad placement, as well as materials, colors, and reinforcements to achieve a higher percentage of hits, while reducing fatigue from recoil, excessive heat, and / or cold. GripSwell™ gloves are built with a comprehensive design "package" that addresses all of the negative impacts found in the great outdoors, in the same manner that a proper hat blocks the sun's rays, or a good coat protects against the wet and cold.

Please consider joining the growing list of quality shooting and hunting gear retailers worldwide that are outfitting their clientele with the best reasons to wear gloves...GRIPSWELL!

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