GS-33 Pistol Glove Dual Palm Swell

We have taken cues from our successful shotgun Palm Swell glove and have developed a pistol specific version that tames handgun recoil and provides mechanical protection while offering a firmer and more confident grip. This glove appeals to recreational, competitive, and tactical pistol shooters concerned with improving scores and comfort. The GS-3 pistol glove works great with all caliber pistols, but is particularly ideal for shooters who choose larger caliber guns which require more than just a firm grip and greater endurance.

We have incorporated into our design, strategically placed memory foam pads that mold around the pistol grip and provide a full contact custom-fit.

This proprietary design and materials work to significantly reduce recoil energy transferred to the hand, while providing a firm and confident grip that allows the shooter to more precisely control the weapon.

We have also added additional layers of leather in strategic areas that protect the trigger hand against any mechanical friction wear, thus extending and enhancing comfort and durability.

pistol glove shooting glove trapshooting

The Target White color is actually undyed goatskin, which does not absorb the sun's energy as with dark dyed leathers. Your hands remain cooler than would be imagined, and the perforations on both sides of the gloves seriously enhance this cooling effect for unbelievable comfort in the hottest, and most humid conditions!  

All GripSwell™ gloves are treated with 3M Scotchgard™ protection which repels water, resists stains, makes spot cleaning easier, and provides longer lasting protection so the leather remains soft and breathable.