GS-12 Side by Side Combo

The GripSwell™ SxS model is specifically designed to shield the side by side shooter from burning fingers on barrels with splinter forends. An extra layer of leather with a layer of special thermal insulation sandwiched in between, means high volume shooting does not mean blistered fingers.

The SxS glove is paired with our Target Palm Swell GS-1 model for the trigger hand glove to provide maximum comfort, protection, and shoot-ability.

This model is offered in both undyed leather for summer target and wingshooting... as well as a medium brown color for the hunting sportsman.

Target White is actually undyed goatskin, which does not absorb the sun's UV rays as with dark dyed leathers. Your hands remain cooler than would be imagined, and the perforations on both sides of the gloves seriously enhance this cooling effect for unbelievable comfort in the hottest, and most humid conditions!  

Our GS-12 was designed with the SxS shooter in mind, with the extremely effective thermal barrier on the barrel hand glove, however it is also now a serious favorite for the high volume bird hunters that frequent South America and Spain!  NO MORE BURNED HANDS regardless of barrel orientation!

With the patented Palm Swell ® recoil absorbing feature on the trigger hand glove, paired with the heat protection on the barrel-hand glove, this gives you the ultimate "Dove Glove"! 

We also offer the SxS Combination in our cold weather line of fully insulated gloves using 3M Thinsulate™ insulation exclusively.

Please see our special insulated gloves page for more details.

All GripSwell™ gloves are treated with 3M Scotchgard™ protection which repels water, resists stains, makes spot cleaning easier, and provides longer lasting protection so the leather remains soft and breathable.